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RG59 Siamese Cable
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RG59 Coaxial Cable with Power Cable
0.81 Bare Copper Inner Conductor
Foam polyethylene dielectric
128 wires 90% shield CCA
2 pcs 7*0.38 Power cable
White /Grey /Black PVC jacket Optional
UL listed, CE approval

Inner Conductor Bare Copper Resistance: < 10.5 OHM/1000FT
Diameter (mm)  0.81MM ± 0.05
Dielectric Foam PE
Diameter (mm)  3.7 ± 0.1
Outer Conductor Resistance < 2.7 OHM /1000FT Braid
Formation  0.12mm×128 
Min coverage  90% CCA
Jacket 167°F PVC white U/V Cold bend : -4°F to 104° F
Min thickness  0.76-0.85mm
Diameter (mm)  6.10 ± 0.05
Power Cable 7×0.38mm CCA
Marking (each meter)  CCTV Siamese RG59/U + 18/2 95% E308485
Packing  1000FT/Wooden Drum/CTN or 500FT/REEL-IN-BOX
Characteristic impedance  75 ± 1Ω
Capacitance  16.2 PF/FT
Velocity of propagation  0.82
Max. Attenuation (db/100M) 5 MHz           3.0
50 MHz         6.6 
200 MHz       12.8 
800 MHz       24.0
1000 MHz     28.1
Min Return Loss (dB/100m) VHF≥18, VHF≥16
5-470 MHz  >26dB
470-1000 MHz  >22dB
Nominal Capacitance(pF/m) 50±3
The Power Cable Working Voltage ≤60
Power Calbe Voltage Loss 4-6V per 1000 feet

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